Terms and Conditions

1. Overall

1.1 Tuoksukauppa.com is Sevende KY:s (Y:1968551-3) marketing space. These terms and conditions are applied in the trading relation between Sevende KY and its customers. Sevende Ky has the right to update these terms and conditions without notice. The orders will be applied with the terms and conditions that are relevant at the time of purchase, which can be read from Sevende KY:s home page.

1.2 Sevende KY is not responsible for damage that has been caused by a force majeure. A force majeure is considered an obstacle or change of circumstance, which is beyond Sevende KY:s scope of influence. Sevende KY is responsible to inform its customers about a force majeure without delay.


2.1. You can choose to register by filling out a contact form and by choosing a username and a password. You can make purchases without registering and pay for your purchases with online banking. By registering as a loyalty-customer you will get various advantages.

2.2. You must be an adult (18+), natural and a fully-fledged person. Customers are responsible for providing the correct information and the correct usage and custody of the username and password.

2.3. The service provider has the right to withhold the registration and the right to close the username.??


3.1. Tuoksukauppa.com welcomes all consumers and corporate consumers. The trade relationship follows the Finnish and EU law legislations in regards to consumer marketing, marketing and advertising. The trade agreement between the corporate consumers and Sevende KY primarily follows these trade agreements and the Finnish Trade Act.

3.2. The customer is responsible to present their truthful contact details when making an order, which for a consumer, include a name, an address, a contact number and possibly an email address. A corporate client is required to give out a contact name, contact number, email address, a business ID, delivery address, business number(s) and a billing address.

3.3. The consumers details are saved in Sevende KY:s customer records, which are used for consumer relationship maintenance. Sevende KY and companies that belong in the same group additionally have the right to manage and hand out information in the records for justified purposes (such as direct marketing) according to the Personal Data Act (523/99).

3.4. An adequate privacy policy for the Data Protection regulation can be found from Sevende KY, Laivasillankatu 14 A 7a, 00140 Helsinki. The consumer can deny the usage of their details for marketing purposes and check the rights concerning them by contacting the Sevende Ky customer services.

3.5. The customer will be sent a product review invite after any purchase, when an email address has been provided to the order. Responding to the review is voluntary. The invite will only include items purchased. The customers details will not be shared publicly with the review. Sevende KY uses the information gathered from the reviews for improving customer experiences, product selections and overall services.

3.6. Tuoksukauppa.com utilises Cookies which help improve the website become more user friendly. The cookies on Tuoksukauppa.com aim to ease, improve and speed up the customer experience. Cookies can be used to provide better offers and a more personalised product selection for the customers. A cookie is a small text file that the tuoksukauppa.com network server saves onto the users hard drive. A portion of the tuoksukauppa.com website may require accepting cookies in order for it to work. The users web browser is likely to accept the cookies with the default settings, however the user can choose to block cookies from the network settings or by removing cookies from the browser after using the service. For more information on browser specific instructions can be found in the browser manufacturer manual.

4. Product ordering and delivery

4.1. Tuoksukauppa.com offers a comprehensive selection of delivery options. For more information on delivery forms and service contents can be found on our website. Tuoksukauppa.coms basket takes delivery offers into account automatically. Single order products can be delivered in a number of shipments.

4.2. You can place an order at the online store by either registering as a user or not. Any orders made will be binding.

4.3. A finalised order is aimed to be processed within 48 hours of receiving the order. A finalised order is an order which has all the products in stock, reserved for the order and the payment has been accepted.

4.4. If a problem with the delivery occurs, our customer service will be in contact with the buyer.

4.5. Sevende KY is not responsible for reserving other products of the same order in the case of one product being limited in availability or if it’s delivery is delayed due to circumstances out of Sevende KYs control. The customer can decide whether to cancel the order or to accept the delayed delivery. The delayed delivery will be charged the same price as when making the order. The products being ordered will be reserved for a maximum of 7 days after which the order will be cancelled unless the customer has accepted Sevende KYs delayed delivery option terms and conditions.

4.6. Checking and receiving the order. After receiving the delivery, you have 7 days to report any possible damages which may have occurred during the shipment of the products. Reports made after the 7 days of receiving the product will not be accepted. Contact our customer services (sevende@sevende.fi) in order to make further arrangements to resolve any issues.

5. Payment methods

5.1 Up to date information on payment methods can be found at the Tuoksukauppa.com website.

5.2. You can pay with all the finnish online banking systems in our online store. We use the Klarna-service which makes your payments to us easy and secure.

5.3. Klarna-service works in collaboration with Finnish online banking and funding services. See: klarna.com/f for further information. Yeah

6. Price list

6.1. The prices include VAT, however they do not include any delivery charges unless mentioned otherwise. If the pricing has obvious mistakes the products will not be sold for a lower price, if it can be assumed that the customer has realised the error.

6.2. We will always check the pricing during the settlement phase. Ordered and purchased items prices are final.

6.3. The delivery time estimations have been based on the information received from the importers and manufacturers. Sevende KY or the manufacturers they use are not responsible for delays occurring due to changes out of their sphere of influence.

6.4. Sevende KY reserves the right to limit product sales in exceptionally large batches.


7.1. Tuoksukauppa.com’s products can not be returned after opening the package, because the item will not be re-sold due to the nature of the products.


8.1. The warranty is based on terms and conditions defined by the manufacturers. You are responsible to familiarise yourself with the warranty terms and conditions before using the product. The warranty terms and conditions can be found in the manual, a separate warranty form or a website pointed out by the manufacturer. The warranty mainly accounts for only production or material mistakes. The warranty time is defined in the product descriptions.

8.2. You will be expected to cover any charges when it’s clear that a product has been unnecessarily sent to warranty services. Sevende KY will not be held responsible for damage done by the consumer. Any additional charges that may have occurred to Sevende KY due to a groundless warranty service will be paid by the consumer.

8.3. Sevende KY will not be held responsible for statutory charges when the warranty has run out or when warranty had not been granted. For more information, email: sevende@sevende.fi?


9.1. A customer is expected to present a proof of purchase certificate, a receipt or any other certificate proof of place and time of purchase when returning or reclamation of a faulty product. Sevende KY will expect a fee for searching for a receipt or proof of purchase.

9.2. Reclamation will only be disgusted in writing. A free form reclamation can be delivered as an email to sevende@sevende.fi or as a letter to our office in Helsinki.

9.3. The reclamation team answers directly to the management team. The reclamation team will discuss any reclamation’s with management where necessary. The sales team does not deal with reclamation’s.

9.4. Settling disagreements: a consumer has the right to take any disagreements that may result from this contract to the consumer complaint board at www.kuluttajariita.fi to be resulted. Before taken to the disagreement to the consumer complaint board, the consumer must be in contact with the consumer advisory services (www.kuluttajaneuvonta.fi). The customer may bring an action for the settlement about debt arising from the agreement against Sevende KY at either the company’s resident district court or the customers resident district court. If the customer does not have residency in Finland, the disagreement will be dealt with at the company’s resident district court.

9.5. Agent fees will not be covered as the contract complaint board and consumer advisory services offer assistance for resulting disagreements free of charge.

10. Business to business customer terms and conditions

10.1. Sevende KY does not answer for a products and/or services direct or indirect loss, damage or loss of income. Sevende KY’s liability is always limited to these terms of the contract. The product liability is limited to any refund of the purchase price less the benefit of the use.

10.2. The warranty of products acquired for business use are determined by the manufacturer’s warranty conditions and the expiration of the warranty period terminates Sevende KY’s liability. Physically opening up the products in order to modify them terminates the warranty unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer.

10.3. Sevende KY reserves the right to direct business to business customers to deal directly with the manufacturer or a service centre authorized by them.

10.4. Sevende KY cannot be held responsible to fill out a contract when theres a possibility of facing a force majeure that cannot be overcome. Sevende Ky is not responsible to cover for any issues caused by a force majeure and has the right to cancel the contract.

10.5. When a placing an order or invitation to tender the customer undeniably accepts Sevende Ky’s terms and conditions. Any contract terms used by the customer are not complied with when they are in conflict with the terms of the contract.1.1

Tuoksukauppa.com is Sevende KY:s (Y:1968551-3) marketing space. These terms and conditions are applied in the trading relation between Sevende KY and its customers. Sevende Ky has the right to update these terms and conditions without notice. The orders will be applied with the terms and conditions that are relevant at the time of purchase, which can be read from Sevende KY:s home page.

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Terms and conditions


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LittlePackage delivery costs are 2,60€,- depending on the size of the order.

The Post Offices delivery costs are 2,60€-15,00€ depending on the size of the order. When the value of the order is over 200€, we don’t charge for delivery.

The Post Offices Home-package delivery charges are 5,95€-15,20€ depending on the size of the delivery. When the value of the order is over 200€, we don’t charge for delivery. Posti’s home delivery is delivered directly to the recipient. Remember to leave a contact number, in order for us to agree with a suitable delivery time for you.

Posti’s Express-packages delivery costs are 5,00€-15,00€ depending on the size of the order. The package will be delivered to the address of your choice before 2pm the following day. When the value of the order is over 200€, we don’t charge for delivery.

Matkahuoltos Lähellä-package delivery charges are 5,65€-15,00€ depending on the size of the delivery. The package will be delivered to the Matkahuolto service of your choice. When the value of the order is over 200€, we don’t charge for delivery.

Matkahuoltos Jako-packages delivery charges are 15,00€ depending on the size of the delivery. The package will be sent to the address of your choice. When the value of the order is over 200€, we don’t charge for delivery.