Payment methods


Most commonly used methods of payment in the online store:

The purchased items should be paid upon order via online banking, credit card or other payment method suggested on the website.

Checkout Finland payment methods:

Checkout is a secure payment method. We possess a payment institution license granted by Finanssivalvonta (the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority). The service is maintained by Checkout Finland Oy (y-ID 2196606-6), which is a part of the OP Group.

Checkout-payment method service conveys your payment to the merchant. If a payment made to Checkout Finalnd Oy can be found in your bank statement, we have received your payment.

The online store acts as a marketing tool and provider of products and services for the consumer. The online store takes care of the statutory and other self-defined liabilities in regards to the store. In case you wish to make a complaint or return an item, you must be in contact to the online store in which the product has been ordered from.

Bank Payment methods

You can use any of the Finnish banks payment methods. You can pay by Aktia, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Oma Säästöpankki, Osuuspankki, POP-bank, Säästöpankki, S-bank and Ålandsbanken. The purchase will show as Checkout Finland Oy on your bank statement, we convey the payment to the online retailer. The online store will re-direct you to the online banking of your choice to perform a secure transaction.

Checkout Finland also offers you the possibility of paying via account transfer form.

Credit Card Payments

You can pay by Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard and American Express at the online store. The international Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode and American Express SafeKey are also accepted payment methods on the online store. Checkout will be shown as the payment receiver on the bank statement and conveys the consumers transaction directly to the retailer. The card payment is performed on the secure account transfer form, which will not save any card details on the online store system.

Mobile Payment Methods

The mobile payment methods Pivo, Mobile Pay, Masterpress and Siirto are functioning services on the application that can be used as payment methods via bank transfer or card payment by accepting the payment on the application of choice. In addition, Pivo accepts Siirto-payments and a payment can be accepted on any application supporting Siirto.


Terms and Conditions are available on the Pivo website:

Mobile Pay

Payment terms are available on the Mobile Pay website:


Payment terms are available on the Masterpress website:


Applied regulations for Siirto-payments:

OP:n yleiset euromaksuehdot

Siirto-palvelun käyttöehdot Nordealla

Siirto-palvelun käyttöehdot S-Pankissa



The service is based on the use of 060605-payment service numbers. The transaction takes place by calling the payment service number and by acting accordingly in regards to the audio release.

The price on the service is service number specific and includes the price of the products and services. In addition to the service cost, the consumer pays their standard phone bill priced by their phone operator. GSM-purchases are charged on the consumers phone bill.

The service limitations / mobile phone subscription;

A single purchase transaction max 52,32 € (inc. VAT)

Purchases in a month max 100 € (inc. VAT)

Max two purhcases a day

Does not work on prepaid phone plans

For more information:

Invoice and instalment methods

Invoice and instalment methods via Checkout are offered by OP, Collector, Jousto and Mash (prev. Euroloan). Collector additionally offers invoice and instalment methods for businesses.

Please read the finance company specific terms and conditions, which are shown when accepting a transaction. When you accept the transaction, you accept the terms and conditions.

Collectors company invoice terms and conditions are additionally shown on their website

OP:s invoice and instalment terms and conditions can be found at:

More information on invoice and instalment methods at:

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Terms and conditions


Doing business on the online store is both fast and easy.

Pick the products of your choice, click add to basket-button and the products transfer in to your basket.

The contents of your basket are shown on the websites upper right corner and by clicking the basket you can add or remove the amount of products in there.

The Continue Shopping – button will take you back to the products page and the proceed to checkout – button will take you to finalise your purchase.

You can choose to register as a customer or proceed to checkout without registering.

Fill out your contact information and choose your preferred delivery method.

Check your baskets contents and whether you have an in-date discount code, remember to add it in the correct section! You can additionally leave us a message in regards to your order. Get familiar with our ordering terms and conditions via the link and accept them.

Next choose finalise payment and you will be re-directed to the payment site, where you decide on the payment method of your choice and follow the instructions.

Finally you receive a order confirmation in your email.

In case of further enquiries, contact our customer services.


You can order from the online store either after registering as a user or without registration. The order is binding.

Items and items in storage are typically delivered within 2-5 working days. Whether any problems occur with the purchased item our customer services will contact you.

You can choose the delivery method for your purchased item depending on the size of the product: The Post Offices LittlePackage, pickup for the Post Office, The Post Offices Express-package, The Post Offices Home-package, Matkahuoltos Jakopaketti or Matkahuoltos Lähellä-package.

LittlePackage delivery costs are 2,60€,- depending on the size of the order.

The Post Offices delivery costs are 2,60€-15,00€ depending on the size of the order. When the value of the order is over 200€, we don’t charge for delivery.

The Post Offices Home-package delivery charges are 5,95€-15,20€ depending on the size of the delivery. When the value of the order is over 200€, we don’t charge for delivery. Posti’s home delivery is delivered directly to the recipient. Remember to leave a contact number, in order for us to agree with a suitable delivery time for you.

Posti’s Express-packages delivery costs are 5,00€-15,00€ depending on the size of the order. The package will be delivered to the address of your choice before 2pm the following day. When the value of the order is over 200€, we don’t charge for delivery.

Matkahuoltos Lähellä-package delivery charges are 5,65€-15,00€ depending on the size of the delivery. The package will be delivered to the Matkahuolto service of your choice. When the value of the order is over 200€, we don’t charge for delivery.

Matkahuoltos Jako-packages delivery charges are 15,00€ depending on the size of the delivery. The package will be sent to the address of your choice. When the value of the order is over 200€, we don’t charge for delivery.